Beth K.

Background on the piece connects to my personal experience with working between the realms.

The first time I ever experienced an alien being was five years ago when I was experimenting with meditative trance. While meditating I asked my guides to take me somewhere, or to something, I needed to see. What happened next was I felt as though I was flowing down a tunnel, into another realm, and then suddenly stopped and realized I was in a cave. In the cave were high stalactites and geothermal water beds. It was light inside, for such a traditionally dark environment. After exploring a bit, and taking in space, I suddenly saw what was a human-size Moth. It was colored beyond anything I had seen at that point - hot pinks and yellows, vibrant beyond explanation.

The Moth began to telepathically communicate with me and I realized it was peaceful and that this space, and this Moth, were a part of a long-ago family and environment, that my soul is tied to. Since then I have returned to see my Moth family and each time they are doing something different - whether moving down tunnels, resting in a room of hot air and water, or eating.

The texture in the background reminded me of their tunnels, the galactic properties, and our connection. The Saturn Moth is the closest being to what I see of these 8 foot high Moths. The poisonous plant was important to me to show the balance between the different ways of connection - whether through the use and assistance of plants or on your own.

I do not speak much of my Moth family and felt this was a beautiful way to bring them forward and honor our connection. They help me in my energy work and if I ever need support, they provide guidance or a surge of momentum. They truly are a huge foundation of my practice.