Jessica Dillon
I. I dream of the forest... time rolls on while I stand still planted like a tree I don't want to leave the house my legs are only concerned with holding me up rather than walking me far I dream of the forest not how to get there but being there being of simply transformed the origin of the world dissolving into detritus will I give birth, alone, amidst dead leaves as a bed no blanket but canopy of stars the comforts of life do me no good anymore I surrender further more everything I know I knew drifts on by like a cloud freer than me planted here illusion running its own course I stand I writhe I moan I encounter only what's inside let the water run out let the banks give way to the pressure they contain bursting forth a new river finds a new direction reversing the flow of gravity
II I look down and cannot follow a descending silhouette another body thrusts out at me asserts its presence my elastic form holding itself against gravity for now every effort a wait a trial short bursts, breaths breasts tell me the work of what's to come creation and sustain creation is internal and sustain only drains heart beats harder still
III bodily feelings overflow my cup so full brimming over spilling over the edge waiting for the edge to begin to die then begin as liquid remains subtly drains there will be more room to breathe to breathe it drives and remains to breathe to seek to speak to express to hear to remember what to carry on
VI I've felt the gates of the world come crashing open it was unfathomable then no less and further to fathom now what has passed through and how our bodies are made to open and close these doors perhaps before even knowing it's weight modern means sever and allude keep the veil in place sometimes for a lifetime guilt pain regret covered and hidden is what results to be so lucky to allow resistance to guide an opening will reveal what is plain to see palpable to feel to know in greatest depths what and how we came to be what gift our little chance to walk to feel to hold to know each other