Vanessa Aricco
I dream of a Tuscan sunset I long for Tangier Seven hours I speak to the future Cellars full of wine barrels Fruit Earth Alchemy The balance that sways between us Burnt charity I see the bodies moving Through desert around the mountains Bodies from far away and bodies from home We so long for absence of boundaries Take the money give me forest Move in the right direction Pelagic beings (puh-la-jic) Pushed north to Scandinavia Northwestern Passages Alaska, east to the Siberian Sea Access to land Mushrooms chickweed Acronyms and layers Leads to statis and Derangement Radical progress In such miniscule Adjustments Warm montage Twelve feet of Tumbleweeds Intervened Things that cannot be uttered In groans and mourning cries We are not prepared for the worlds we speak of When there’s nothing more The mirage and the doll debate A feral knowing takes over What force makes us Such ravaging pillars God is the boogeyman Humans, his goblins Frankensteins in bed Worshippers of free Love and monsters Once an innocent baby Who taught us to terrorize Between the rock and the river Cooped up in a castle Drowning in a gutter When we forget to breathe A week of rising tides Finally silence all the machines are down Tick-tock of the grandfather clock A relic of a different time, it counts too fast It chimes, too long on the inhale A paused exhale Is the world even out there anymore Like the plastic-eating waxworms The filtering soil The fungus networks And life-giving trees Our bodies act as passages Straining earth’s emotions The universe expressing itself I’ve fled a thousand times Decorate for abandon Truth is temporary We are wavering Olfactory Old factory Products of us all Nature seems fine Without a bank account Rivers empty even when They pay the firing squad Bang bang I rattle on the floor I want to be pollinated By the last bee A full-faced moon How hot can the sun get Before we burn An ounce of ocean For every breech Strapped a rock To this body To be dug up