Jade Rivera

It was feathers not scales

It was air and no balance

Parts susceptible to time everything great decays and leaves behind everything else

Leaving too much up for interpretation

Leaving not much up for sedimentation

Clock bones that don’t move according to our time lost in the desert

A fine dust covers everything and finds it’s way to the sills pooling in corners where it’s too hard to sweep I saw you erode

almost like burning Like a windy acid with sand grains Blasting I touched your face your generous face that would leave so much behind and thought it’s hair not scales

But preserved desiccated we could see through time but only backwards and we wondered What The Future And then they found us wrapped around each other hiding from the hostile time that would tell everyone everything except what was important Basic instructions like how the jaw hinge is like the hip hinge and how everything real exists between the breaths and breath doesn’t weigh - it can’t be tagged or brushed at to reveal or talk about how everything was about color and the quality of light and the quality of life was dictated by the state of our teeth